About Sun Microsystem

PEREMEX offers you just the best services on the most stretched out brand remanufactured PC equipment. PEREMEX is a chief worldwide provider of Sun workstations, Sun Servers, and Internet infrastructure equipment. We give our clients the most astounding quality refurbished items along with an unmatched host of professional services. Our extremely professional client service is significant in the manner in which we work together by putting our customers' needs first; we center around the end clients' coveted outcome and work to get that going in the most cost proficient way.

Peremex is the leading independent Sun Microsystems Reseller. We specialize in getting the best deals and offers for our customers on variety of refurbished Sun Microsystems Workstations, Sun Desktops, Sun Servers (Oracle server) and Sun Networking Hardware Equipment.

Sun Enterprise Servers

New & Refurbished Enterprise Servers from Oracle

Sun's workgroup servers are streamlined to convey enterprise-class value/execution, high accessibility, and reasonability with greater agility and less hazard. PEREMEX is a far-reaching asset for you to discover, compare, and buy several Refurbished Sun Workgroup servers. We are one of the major Sun Reseller and represent considerable authority in getting the best deals and offers for our clients on a variety of revamped Sun Workgroup servers, Desktops, and Sun Networking Hardware Equipment. With a decent stock, we can give a full scope of repaired Sun Workgroup servers, including all parts, overhauls, and additional items.

refurbished workgroup servers

Refurbished Workgroup Servers

Sun’s E series Servers and Fire series servers are the most popular server options among enterprises of all kinds and size. Get refurbished Sun enterprise servers at PEREMEX without harming your budget.

sun enterprise & ultra enterprise series servers

Sun/Ultra Enterprise Series Servers

Get best quality Sun Enterprise & Ultra Enterprise Series Servers at PEREMEX. With a stringent budget see your enterprise grow and expand.

sun sparc series servers

Sun SPARC Series Servers

Sun's UltraSPARC/Solaris Series Servers offer clients an unrivaled history of solid double application similarity and Sun's AMD Opteron stage offer client adaptability to run Solaris OS, Window, and Linux.

Other Sun Microsystem Parts:

sun desktops
SUN Desktops

At PEREMEX get New as well as refurbished Sun Desktops that not only serve your business needs but also keep your budget under control. With our world class service focus only on your business without worrying about your IT infrastructures.

refurbished sun storage products
Refurbished Sun Storage Products

There are different limits and capabilities of the different items in the list, PEREMEX is putting forth an entire line of smart venture storage products and driving Sun storage products, disks, and tape devices. We have a range of new as well as refurbished sun storage products to serve your business needs.

sun microsystem spare parts
Sun Microsystem Spare Parts

Other than Sun networking and server equipment, we also deal in other Sun Microsystem spare parts. Visit our inventory to take a look at what we have to offer and buy the best suited product at reasonable price.