What is Email Migration & why it is Necessary?

Email Migration is a procedure in which an email or numerous email messages are moved starting with one email customer then onto the next email customer. In this Case your messages can really be relocated starting with one server then onto the next gave that your ex-supplier email server bolster IMAP convention. 99% of present day mail server underpins IMAP convention.

PEREMEX Offer Best Managed IT Email Migration Services for Hosted Email Solutions in Malaysia & Singapore

PEREMEX offers its clients an award-winning email migration service. We offer conversion software for businesses that wish to maintain the fidelity of the email data while migrating it from one mailing system to another.

PEREMEX hosting migration services are also heavily used to convert email data to formats suitable for discovery and compliance. Our email migration tools let the same user interface allow end users and technicians to convert a single user account or thousands of accounts at once. Get the best office 365 migration services and tools at PEREMEX.

Choose wide range of Email Migration Solution provided by PEREMEX

Email Migration for Business

With innovation particularly intended for quick throughput, upkeep of information devotion, versatility to all framework designs, movement administration and usability, PEREMEX’s migration solutions are utilized by a portion of the biggest and most profit-making organizations, and also little and medium estimated organizations.

Email Migration for Government & Education

Since numerous government and educational associations have unexpected needs in comparison to corporate domains, PEREMEX has developed as the main email migration vendor and data migration service provider to address these issues with one united and reasonable services.

Email Migration for Resellers & Managed Services Providers

Since most Managed Service Providers and Resellers pull in clients presently running a blend of inheritance informing frameworks, they have a need to collaborate with a relocation merchant that offers a united apparatus that backings all the select frameworks, with huge experience moving them, inside a wide range of situations.