Corporate Overview

Regardless of the marketplace you compete in, the ability to optimise your business value and continually increase your competitive advantage is critical to long term business success.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Singapore, Peremex is passionate about devising creative ways to deliver cost-effective, needs-based alternative enterprise systems, network and maintenance solutions to help maximise your Return on IT investments (RoIT).

Whether you need temporary hardware for rapid prototyping, data centre relocation, proof of concept or standby equipment for business continuity, Peremex offers both new and refurbished enterprise systems, and network equipment for all your ad-hoc and long-term hardware requirements. This is made possible through our global partnership with leading computer vendors and IT outsourcing service providers.

With our extensive inventory exceeding US $2 million, we are able to rapidly fulfil your enterprise hardware and equipment needs through our direct offices in Malaysia and Singapore. Owing to our extensive network of partners, we can also support your regional hardware needs in the ASEAN/South Asia region effectively.

Together with our key service partner, IBM Global Services, which has large network of service and parts centres in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, we are also well-positioned to offer you one-stop multi-platform service and maintenance capabilities in the ASEAN/SA region. We aim to deliver quality and cost-effective multi-platform support capabilities.

With a technical team equipped with certified multi-vendor expertise and in-depth knowledge of enterprise infrastructural implementations, we are able to provide world-class service levels that are easily customizable for your business needs. Combined with flexible financing options, you will stay ahead of the technology curve while lowering your our total cost of ownership.

Why Us?

Our Solutions


Multi-Platform Enterprise Equipment

To help maximise spending capital, Peremex offers a comprehensive range of both new and refurbished equipment including Oracle (Sun), IBM AS/400, IBM RS/6000, HP, Intel, Storage and Networking equipments. Our experienced technical team offers unlimited value-added hardware maintenance expertise to all OEM equipments or platforms with the help of multi-platform capability and key service partners.

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Hardware Maintenance Services

We also enhance our offerings with end-to-end services such as installation, support, maintenance, logistics and relocation services.

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Whether you are a corporation with stringent IT needs, outsourcing service provider who is constantly challenged to offer competitive packages or a system integrator looking for quick turnaround of system and component upgrades. Peremex is your answer! We can partner with you as your alternate enterprise hardware service outsourcer and help you with your requirements.

We strive to be the single point of contact for your needs in business continuity, computing power on-demand as well as hardware servers and equipment for ad-hoc, short-term and quick turnaround projects.

Our customers come from various industries such as manufacturing, semiconductors, food and beverage, garments, banking, insurance, etc including major multi-national companies.

Flexible Financing Options

Whether you need to lease equipment for one day or one year, Peremex simply offers you a flexible range of financing options, customised to optimise your financial benefits. Call your Peremex representative today for financing options.